fall 2017
the crafthouse  gastropub
to start…						

chips & queso (gf & v)                               7		
white corn chips, queso blanco, 
pico, avocado

pretzel (v)                                                        7	
shiner bock mustard or queso blanco

pickle jar (gf & v) 	7	
assorted pickled seasonal vegetables 
chicharrones (gf)                                        6		
lowry’s seasoned salt

smothered fries	7
twice fried fries, cream gravy, country ham, cheddar

olives in bread (v)	8
marinated assorted olives, focaccia, rosemary

fried oysters on the half shell	12
mignonette mayo

duck crostini	9
duck rillette, white beans, confit tomatoes, 
watercress, truffle oil

roasted quail	8
stuffing, giblet gravy, yukon gold puree

garlic sweetbreads 	10
veal sweetbreads, roasted garlic, 
parsley,butter, lemon

raw oysters (gf)                                      3/ea		
served w house pickle juice

soup & salad

texas onion soup			4 | 7		
swiss, gruyere, toast points

root veg soup (v & gf)			4 | 7
melted leeks, creme fraiche’

white bean chicken chili (gf)		4 | 7
spicy roasted poblano peppers, chicken, cilantro

house caesar		 		4 | 8	
hearts of romaine, tomatoes, 
caramelized onions, shaved gruyere, roasted 
garlic dressing, ciaballah croutons

chopped salad (gf & v)			4 | 8	
tomatoes, caramelized onions, white balsamic vinaigrette

half & half 				   7	  
cup of soup, choice of side caesar salad 
or chopped salad 	

roast chicken salad (gf) 		             10			
beets, apple, blue cheese, walnut vinaigrette, watercress

farro salad (v) 			               9
cranberries, toasted pecans, red oak leaf lettuce, cipollinis, 
brown butter vinaigrette
add roasted chicken	3
add salmon		7

sides				  5

mac & cheese, bacon bread crumbs
twice fried fries
ruby red chard 
roasted purple potatoes & yams
roasted beets
loaded yukon gold potato


texas burger				14	
½ lb house ground grass-fed beef, shiner 
bock mustard, caramelized onions,  
aged cheddar

all-american burger 			14
½ lb house ground grass-fed beef, bibb lettuce, 
tomato, red onion, house pickles, 
american cheese, house ketchup

bacon cheeseburger			15
grassfed beef and bacon patty, applewood smoked 
bacon strips, sharp cheddar, swiss, ketchup, mayo

fried portobello tea sandwich (v)	10
portobello, gruyere, watercress, sundried tomato 
chimichurri, house pullman toast 

triple decker turkey club		12
smoked turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, 
bibb, tomato, herb mayo

salmon bacon blt			13
smoked & cured salmon belly, chard, tomato confit,
dijon mustard

fried egg french bread			11
country ham, fontina cheese, caramelized onions, 
fried eggs, french bread bed

country fried short rib basket		13
braised short rib, country gravy, texas toast

fish sticks				11	
beer battered cod, house tartar sauce
cheese pizza (v)			11	
ask server about add-ons

pizza special				12	
ask your server for details

calzone (v)				13
brie, gorgonzola, fontina, wild mushroom, watercress

short rib hash	(gf)			15
braised short rib, purple potato, garnet yams, fried eggs

steak and potato(gf)			24
bacon wrapped tenderloin, loaded baked yukon gold, 
house steak sauce

beet marinated salmon		17
atlantic salmon, farro, goat cheese, beet greens, 
pumpkin seed

pork n beans				16
maple braised pork shank, white beans, caramelized
cipollinis, smoked bread crumbs

“soup dumplings”			15
pork meatball, roasted pork stock, dumpling wrapper, 
green onion, cabbage, vinegar, soy, 

halibut papillote (gf)			22
halibut, wild mushrooms, leek, yukon 
potatoes, foie gras butter, black truffle

seared duck breast (gf)			19
purple potatoes, garnet yams, baby beets, 
orange juniper sauce

turkey a la king			14
smoked turkey breast,  onions, carrots, mushrooms,
leeks, sherry cream, steamed rice 

autumn au gratin(v & gf) 		13
yukon gold potato, leeks, fuji apple, turnip, yams
cheddar, baby greens 

stuffed acorn squash (v & gf)		13
kohlrabi, fuji apple, cipolini onions, chard, brown butter, 
maple syrup gastrique, toasted pecans
add roasted chicken	3
add salmon		7 

raw or undercooked meats or eggs can 
be hazardous to your health

   *gf : gluten free / *v : vegetarian
$1 substitution charge & small fees for 
extra homemade condiments will be added

dessert  7
banoffee pie
banana, dulce de leche, graham 
cracker, brown sugar whipped cream

apple pie 
puff pastry, cinnamon poached apple, 
cream cheese sorbet

butterscotch pot de créme
pretzel sticks, sea salt 

moon pie
house graham cracker cookie, marshmallow, 
chocolate glaze

poached autumn fruit
warm pears, figs, quince & spiced syrup