the crafthouse  gastropub
what is a gastropub?

“A gastropub is a place where people can order tasty, reasonably priced food and good beer and liquor to go with it. The atmosphere is always comforting and unpretentious. The name gastropub suggests community.”
“gastropub, n. Brit. A public house which specializes in serving high-quality food.”

“Gastropub or gastrolounge refers to a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food.”

“Gastronomy is the art or science of food eating.  Also, it can be defined as the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine.”

Sunday 10a - 2p Brunch
Tuesday - sat 11a - 10p

3131 - 34th street
Lubbock, Texas 79410

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“ hear the clamor of conversations and laughter, to see the smiles of the people with our food and drinks in their hand is a special kind of feeling that never gets old.”